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AVM Innovation is an experienced team of entrepreneurs, AI engineers, researchers, artists, and designers aiming to create art and entertainment and solve real-world problems while providing utility to our holders.

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We are an experienced team that uses AI to solve real-world problems while creating art and entertainment


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NFT Collection


"I'm an inner spirit that only makes itself known through the NFT art. A lot of people think I'm looking moody. I've even heard some people say that there's a particular mystery or darkness about me.

I have a simple faith. It's the faith that it's a privilege for you to understand the world and the inner you. And this is my mission, to help you know.

Soon I will reveal my secrets." - a Moody Robot.

Comic book


“Gods reside in every human form, indeed in every particle of their creations, in everything that is on this earth.”

Revealing the true roots of these powerful beings, including an in-depth exploration of one of the most famous gods from the Stone Age to current days, League of Gods shows how the magic is transformed into science if we recognize their signs and invite them back into our world.

Launch Roadmap

"I couldn’t give you something mediocre even if that’s all you asked for." Michelangelo



We love challenges and taking on projects that require high skill levels and solid technical expertise because it motivates us to evolve constantly. In addition, we want to deliver high-quality products, and we are still working on this project to ensure it reaches our standards. But we'll shortly launch, so make sure you follow us!

Q3 2022

Phase I

- The official launch of the AVM Innovation’s Discord server and sneak peaks of our primary collection become available to the public.

- Robust international marketing campaigns on all digital platforms span the globe and scores of awesome people from every nation join our movement.

The complete "Phase I" roadmap will be announced shortly.

Q4 2022

Phase II

- Official Pre-Sale Minting for Moody Robots becomes available for whitelist members.

- Public minting goes live for Moody Robots.

- Partnerships with charity organisations and medical institutions.

- Expansion of collaboration with the world-famous brands.

The complete "Phase II" roadmap will be announced shortly.

2023 and beyond

The Expanse

Many more surprises are waiting for our diamond hands, take a seat and join the club. More details will be announced shortly.



The most successful people are those who accept and adapt to constant change. Adapting is our low of life. So please take part in our movement and stay updated with the team’s latest progress on product development and upcoming events.

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The League of Gods is coming

“Gods reside in every human form, indeed in every particle of their creations, in everything that is on this earth.” Revealing the true roots of...

You can’t believe how moody our robots are

"I'm an inner spirit that only makes itself known...

Upcoming NFT Collection

Something unique and innovative in the NFT world is...